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    Neopets Acct for sale Empty Neopets Acct for sale

    Post by Shizukesa on Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:10 pm

    I am selling a neopets acct. I am quitting the game since ive been hacked. im selling off my side accounts & everything in them which isn't a whole lot but it does have neocash items in them. please post here if you interested & I will give you more info on the accounts. all questions feel free to ask. I would also like to sell these for something in return, im not sure what to ask for, im open to suggestions. I had thought usd through paypal since it has neocash items in it. its not expinsive. its affordable. im looking to quit all sites I goto like neopets. so far just quitting neopets. I will decide what I quit next after I get neopets squared away. thank you for your intrests & concern. @

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