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    Freeform RP Interest? Empty Freeform RP Interest?

    Post by shinuzuki on Fri Jan 02, 2015 3:03 am

    Just something a little random. Main idea is that absolutely anything goes, and silliness is the the most profound element xD [although, 18+ stuff is a no go, since it has its own section and all that Wink] anyhow, it may be helpful for those who want to establish and/or define social interactions with different people or things, and it may just be some random fun if people are bored ^^ Or maybe you want to use a character you've made in some way, shape, or form, and you've been DYING to use this character, so this is where you would want to throw them in as well haha.


    A: Walks in the dining room of the Xeno Underground's mansion [or something], stretches as she takes a seat. She yawns and lays on her crossed arms on the table with rather tired eyes. "Nnnnhhuuuhhhh.... where's breakfast?"

    B: [As Albedo] Bursts in laughing maniacally wearing an apron and holding a shiny, shiny spatula.

    C: (gunshots are heard in the hallway) Shooting up a storm at the doorway. "NO MORE COOKING FROM YOU!"

    B: Panics and sprints toward the kitchen stove.

    A: Is completely unphased and untouched by the gunshots, tired eyes slooooowly following B with her head rolling against her arms.

    And so on and so forth. (i know my humor is rather poor OTL I can't think of anything better) Character description or picture would probably be helpful in this, so I may make on or the other required xD Then again, anything goes... STARTING general theme will probably be randomly generated to get things going. Any inputs?

    (Color coded Shin and Leb for easier reading in the RP - if it's inconvenient, let me know!)

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