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    Favorite Party


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    Favorite Party Empty Favorite Party

    Post by katimus_prime Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:52 pm

    Started by Adrak on Temp Sibb.

    Adrak wrote:What party did you usually use when you played the game?

    Personally, I used Riki, who I mained, Dunban, and 7. I liked Riki for his versatility, and used him as my healer. Dunban was great for tanking and DPS. And 7 has amazing DPS output.

    It wasn't until post-game where I realized how to use Melia (I had no idea how to release her elements before), and I started to really like using her, but I had already developed my main party members so much (I even went out of my way to max out the affinity between all of them), so I didn't really want to do it again with Melia. I still love how her VA is gonna be the next heroine on Doctor Who though.  Laughing

    katimus wrote:I keep on meaning to reply to this, but every time I go to do it, it loses my post.  *A*

    @kare_reiko wrote:In first play (jap) I was moslty go with Shulk, Sharna and Dumban, When 7 appear I play mostly th this person and leader.
    But in second paly and now I going mosly with Melia, Riki, Dumban/Shulk. Well I change character often because on heart-toheart and skill bonuses for relationship between characters.

    katimus wrote:I tend to try to keep everyone's level the same, so I constantly switch everyone out, but I tend to favor maining as Melia or Sharla and having Reyn tank.  I'm always waffling on what to do with the 3rd character spot.  I'm also running into a lot of problems being thrown into random Mechon battles and forgetting to use Shulk.  ^^  I love Shulk as a character, but I don't like playing as him because I kind of habitually never have the main character in my battle party after being forced to in so many other games.

    Leah7 wrote:I'd have to say that I changed everyone out equally, though I didn't much like using Melia and I used Reyn A LOT.   More than anyone else.

    Favorite Party I9uSaW6
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    Favorite Party Empty Re: Favorite Party

    Post by Guest Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:40 am

    I switch my party out often because the situations differ, but two characters that I rarely use are Reyn and Sharla. Reyn's skills are not very versatile for me, and Sharla's healing eventually is replaced by other methods of survivability.

    Dunban is extremely useful, my favorite, because I love to topple stuff, but for certain points in the game, he may not not have a strong mechon-peircing sword, and I don't like to wait for Shulk to use enchant. I also run into occasional enemies with a perfect storm of invulnerability and topple spike, and it's like oh noes dunban wat do. But I like him over Reyn for the same purposes that I would use Reyn.

    Melia is extremely good, but only if you main as her. The computer AI for Melia is balls. I also find her gameplay repetitive, since there are really only two effective strategies. Power up and spam lightning bolt, or use her DOT spells over and over and over. So I didn't use her as often as some folks seem to do. Kinda funto just equip a lot of lightning up/ether up gems and go to town, though.

    I like Shulk's versatility thanks to his Monado abilities. The way he's able to negate damage is particularly useful. As the main character, he's a good all-around dude to have as you would expect.

    Once seven (do we have to say seven here or are we over it?) comes in though, it's like holy hell. I love her moves, and she does a lotta hits. Once I got Final Cross, I spammed that up and down the street. The only thing I dislike is her somewhat limited set of armor.

    The most surprisingly useful character for me was Riki, since his character is supposed to be useless. But his DOT is the boss, and he has a lot of cool support moves.

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