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    Deus' humans and race


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    Deus' humans and race Empty Deus' humans and race

    Post by RadicalDreamer Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:44 pm

    I wanted to discuss this for a while.

    In the game, Deus' created its own humans after the original ones. We did ask ourselves if the gazel ministry had women before... but now I'm wondering about "race". Perfect Works seems to imply Sigurd's looks are specific to a certain region... implying that "racial" differences may exist among the new humans.

    What was the cause of this ? Was Deus responsible for racial differences (as a way to mimick the original humans from Earth) ? Was it caused by some sort of evolution related to the environment (I know the game tells you natural evolution wasn't a thing with Deus' humans... but is it really true ? I mean... yes, Deus created humans as "evolved" already... but I don't think living beings ever really stop evolving... unless Deus made humans specifically so they couldn't naturally change with time... but Miang resetting humanity several times may indicate otherwise *unless genetic problems were caused by experiments and biological weapons only*) ? Experiments (like the demi-humans and some animals/monsters on the xenogears planet) ?

    Maybe I should look more into Perfect Works but I just wanted to know what you think about this ?
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    Deus' humans and race Empty Re: Deus' humans and race

    Post by admin Fri May 06, 2016 8:40 pm

    Hmm, after reading a couple of pages from the PW translation on Flickr, it seems to be inferred that all types of human genomes were stored in the memory banks of Kadomony, but that's a personal reading of it.

    I'd been talking to a friend of mine IRL about a film adaptation of Gears with a more diversified cast, and I've co-designed a couple of tabletop RPG NPCs based on Sigurd as black, though I also think his original design and Shalimar's seem to loan themselves to a predecessor from India or Egypt (though it'd be Kadomony's record of that).

    From my understanding of what I've read from the translations, I see the Eldridge as being an Ark ship, trying to preserve as many permutations of the human race as possible. Cain pressing the button to create the new humans from existing racial data is also entirely possible, especially if he wanted to make as many humans as possible to resurrect Deus with.

    Though, starting out from a mix of races like that from the same physical origin point, living together and diverging out based on social/political structure might just end it up that race is seen as more culturally than physically on their planet, since the histories of Earth and even Zeboim are long, long gone by the time the story starts. Just a thought, though.

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