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    Godsibb Returns!


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    Godsibb Returns! Empty Godsibb Returns!

    Post by katimus_prime Sun Jan 03, 2021 10:18 pm

    Howdy, folks!

    After quite a few years, I'm happy to announce that Jessi is back and with the help of others in the XenoChat group, Godsibb.net's domain name has been re-acquired and is hosting a brand new and shiny forum! Please go check it out! I'm nominally admin staff there as well. :3


    I also think it's worth saying that I apologize for my own absence here. I've been struggling with maintaining my work-life balance pretty badly and my will to browse forums and process new requests over here at XU has dwindled substantially. I've been working on XU by myself for a long time and have only recently opened the project up to get assistance. Some time in 2021, we hope to have a shiny new format for XU as a website, and more people to help process more things like scans for perusal, a feed for the XenoChat podcast, and perhaps some other side projects!

    Godsibb, XU and XenoChat are going to be working together to try to build a modern space where Xeno fans can help build and maintain conversations and archives of materials from the metaseries so that as little as possible is ever lost.

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