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    Xenogears the model kits!


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    Xenogears the model kits! Empty Xenogears the model kits!

    Post by Wikked1 Thu Mar 28, 2019 10:00 am


    Long time fan of Xenogears ever since before it came out, I seen it in a magazine and wanted the Japanese version before it came to the US, called the guy on the magazine that had pictures of the game and was told "You no speak Japanese you no Xenogear" I was mortified but he was definitly right, too much text to read lol, anyway fast forward to 6 or 9 months later I see it at my local rental store and picked it up on the spot (of course I forgot all about the magazine thing at this juncture) Me and my friend wanted to rent a new RPG and this was perfect!

    We went to my house and popped in the game and instantly we were loving the story line by the time Fei hit the woods in the game and continued to play it over night.

    After that rental we each bought a copy over time and we couldn't get enough and we still can't we used to frequent forums and boards like this, speading the word of xenogears and as such. Fast forward to now still having a love of the gears and the combat system. I like to dabble in model making and always wanted xenogears model kits, and was always on the look out for them, I mean why not make them they make kits for all kinds of mechs.

    Since I been dabbling in 3D since 2000 and learning 3D printing and 3D printing modeling I wanna do this i wanna make all the hero gears for 3D print (Hopefully with articulation, how much I don't know I do engineer some things but it's what I can find help to help me with joint ideas) but I wanna make it a fun model kit to make and make it easy to paint with great detail putting in alot from the game.

    I was of course going to make this free for all the fans as it will be a labor of love ( I already made a paper model of the sentry in TF2 that took months to paint and make the model kit for) I would love get paid a little for these kits, but I don't think I could, so but anyway to skip some steps in the research and reference gathering I could use some help and getting pictures of the gears in different views from back to front and I can make them from there.

    So would there be a demand for it among the fans or you think it would be a waste of time to do,personally I would like these models on my shelf but I don't wanna make them all just for me and its gonna take a while to make them beacuse I have to make the model and break it down for piece to piece and to articulation making and also alot of trial and error in the piece making catagory that it would be snap pieces...

    So would that sound cool or what?

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    Xenogears the model kits! Empty Re: Xenogears the model kits!

    Post by Bigtakilla Sat Mar 30, 2019 4:06 am

    Is there any interest for making models for the other games like say the Ares 90 from XcX? I would personally want that even if no articulation and was just a "statue"

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