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    Concert & OST Remasters - click for more info Empty Concert & OST Remasters - click for more info

    Post by VyseLegendaire on Wed Mar 20, 2019 5:45 pm

    Hello all! I have followed this forum since it began and from the inception of the website, but I don't post here.  I'm a fan from the early XG days, and moreover a huge Mitsuda fan.

    You guys might be interested in the things I've posted on this forum:

    Here you can find my BD and audio rips of the 20th Revival and Anni. Discs among other things.

    Let me say that these downloads are for backing up your legal purchases ONLY, and def. not intended for piracy.  Really believe me.

    If you are interested in BACKING UP any of the other things you can find on my Nyaa profile, then please go ahead and search it.

    If anyone wants to contact me do so by e-mail.  Btw I was involved in the 20th anni. pamphlet translation with Aradimer as editor and proofreader, etc.


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