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    Xenoblade X' short stories


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    Xenoblade X' short stories Empty Xenoblade X' short stories

    Post by RadicalDreamer Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:37 pm

    Maybe something was posted in the main thread but I thought it would be better to create a thread for the short stories.
    There'll probably be a few more until the game comes out.

    So, here goes :

    BLADE's formation :

    - Part 1 : Upon That Nameless Planet
    - Part 2 : Our Beautiful Blue Birthplace, a Sphere of Water Suspended in Space...Earth
    - Part 3 : The Overed’s Strike Carved an Even Greater Scar Across the Bulkhead

    Written by Yuichiro Takeda.

    24 Hours, Happy People :

    Part 1 : Do People Really Eat to Live, or do they Live to Eat?
    Part 2 : My Whole Life Story, Wrapped up in a Taco Shell

    Written by Kazuho Hyodo.

    There is also the playful dialogues between Takahashi and the Riki/Tatsu dolls. Nothing too relevant for the new game storywise but it's fun and cute advertizing for both Xenoblade X and Xenoblade on the new 3DS :

    First Round : Welcome to Xenoblade X

    [Riki talks to Takahashi about X]

    Riki : Mister Takahashiiii~ Xenoblade X is heeeere~! So what is it~? Tasty food?! (pic. 1)

    Takahashi : Not at all~. It’s a piece of software you can play on your Wii U. (pic. 2)

    R : Hmmm.

    T : Not interested? What if I told you the Nopon are in this one too? (pic.3)

    R : Reeeeally~? Does Riki show up too? Riki famous, how flattering~!

    T : ...You don’t appear in it. (pic.4)

    R : Wha? Riki not show up, even though Riki is legendary heropon?

    T : ... (pic.5)

    T : But you’re the star right now! You’re so fluffy and cuddly and adorable~! Oh, look, I’ve got some tasty chocolate. Do you want it? (pic.6)

    R : Riki will take! *ahem* Riki truly is best~! (pic.7)


    Second Round : This Year’s Wishes

    [Riki visits a shrine and prays for bean jelly.]

    R : Xenoblade X’s release date been decided, and though Riki a little late, visiting shrine to pray for year to be good!
    Tada~! Riki start from Hachiman Shrine in Nakameguro! (pic.1)

    R : First, we cleanse self~ (pic.2)

    [a Shinto thing, read about it here]

    R : Heading to main shrine! (pic.3)

    R : Dear Bionis, please keep Oka and littlepons healthy this year!
    And Riki want eat maaany tasty foods!
    Riki hear sweet bean jelly very tasty!
    Riki very hopeful Riki’s popularity never vanish!
    Oh, Riki forget most important part!
    Hope Xenoblade X sell lots and lots! (pic.4)

    R : Now then, fortune slip~
    Is there small thing to wish for?

    Mmm, “I wiiiish…, [something too Japanese-y for me to figure out, plus the next line]
    Well, Riki do his best this year too! (pic.5)





    Third Round : Welcome to “Xenoblade” Too!

    [Takahashi tells Riki about the Xenoblade soundtrack preorder bonus for the n3DS version]

    R : Hmm~. (pic.1)

    T : Huh? What are you doing here Riki? (pic.2)

    R : Riki saw poster, and thought of his friends~. (pic.3)

    T : I see~. Whenever that happens, just listen to this CD!

    R : Wha!? What that? (pic.4)

    T : It was originally the preorder bonus for the Wii version of Xenoblade, but now it’s the preorder bonus for the New Nintendo 3DS version. The game launches April 2nd, so now you have another chance to get it!

    R : Oh!? Everyone will be able to see heropon Riki’s big debut? And meet all of Riki’s friends too? (pic.5)

    T : Yeah, great huh? (pic.6)

    R : Riki so happy! But Riki also poor, so Takahashi have to buy for Riki! (pic.7)


    Fourth Round : Nightmare

    [Riki dreams of Tatsu taking his place or something]

    R : Ah~, businesspon work all done, time for afternoon nap! (pic.1)

    R : Riki sleep until mid-afternoon snacktime! Nighty nights~. (pic.2)

    R : Zzz… (pic.3)

    Mysterious Voice : Yo yo, Riki! Or uh, nice to meet you!?(pic.4)

    R : Huh? Who be you? Another Nopon? Nice to meet you too!(pic.5)

    MV : Unlike Riki, I have appearance in Xenoblade X! So-called legendary heropon Riki soon retire...oh, how rude of me! Since I fill that role now… (pic.6)

    R : What? Isn’t Riki heropon? Riki adorable, fluffy, and famous! (pic.7)

    MV : Well~, even though there manypons that cling to moment of glory like that, can’t go against passage of time~. People always attracted to newest thing! (pic.8 )

    R : ...WHA!?!? A dream?? (pic.9)


    Fifth Round : Dream Come True?

    [Hey now, hey now. Don’t dream it’s over]

    Riki : Haaah, strange dream… Is Riki truly has-been heropon? Did world move on? And who mysterious Nopon? (pic.1)

    R : No, Riki must not mope around on ground! Riki find proof of usefulness! (pic.2)

    R : Tada~! Recently arrived Shulk amiibo! Riki decorate office with it!(pic.3)

    R : Hmm? Why everyone all huddled together~?
    Ah! Riki recognize backpack! Seen it before! (pic.4)


    Round Six : Encounter

    [Clash of the titans]

    Mysterious Nopon : Come, come, take look! This bright red body, sparkly Monado! Already recognize it!? It “Xenoblade” face-plate! (pic.1)

    M.Nopon : Whenever you think “Today feeeeeels like Xenoblade~,” just slap plate onto n3DS, and guaranteed to be happy all day! (pic.2)

    Riki : Who! Who be that Nopon! (pic.3)

    Employee : Ah~, that’s Tatsu. Isn’t he adorable? (pic.4)

    R : Riki much more adorable! (pic.5)

    E : Hmmm, Riki iiis adorable, but Tatsu is adorable, young and smart!

    R : Wha?! May not be young, but Riki’s wisdom make up for that! Can speak from experience! (pic.6)

    Tatsu : Now now, sir Riki, don’t get fur all tangled up. Nice to make acquaintance, I be Tatsu, a trader! (pic.7)

    T : Currently showing everypon unusual new plate!

    R : Plate like, plate for delicious foods? (pic.8 )

    T : Not at all, it completely different. This be fashionable and stylish accessory for new3DS!

    R : Oh~? That all?

    T : Ah, maybe this better for sir Riki? Maybe you like, sweet bean jelly!

    R : Bean jelly!? Riki’s tummy been rumbling for jelly!

    T : That great! Why not eat right now? Wash down with tea! (pic.9)

    Side note: This Tatsu plush was made using the Riki plush pattern from the “Xenoblade: The Secret File: Monado Archives” book, available here.


    Round Seven : Gentle Persuasion

    [Two men of the world share a tasty pastry]

    Riki : Is that so~? Tatsu was locked up in scary place like that? Sound like huge problemo.

    Tatsu : That right, Tatsu nearly kidnapped. But, Tatsu saved by Earthpons that happen to be near, and that how he met Riki. This be destiny! Tatsu glad he make such friend! (pic.1)

    R : You be safe here. Lots of tasty foods, and Riki have lots of friends! Tatsu rest easy! (pic.2)

    T : Muchas gracias~. Riki’s hospitality not surprising. Why not try tasty pastry? (pic.3)

    R : Hm, what that?

    T : Rice cracker! Always good idea to follow sweets with salty things!

    R : Oh!? Tatsu so knowledgable! (pic.4)


    Round Eight : A Hero is Fine Alone

    Riki : Ah~ Riki’s tummy so fulllll! Tatsu is great Nopon! Riki so relieved.

    Tatsu : Was sir Riki doubting Tatsu? (Pic.1)

    R : Yes. Riki was worried Tatsu be mean Nopon that kick Riki out to streets, and Riki have nowhere to do. So Riki happy Tatsu turn out to be good!

    T : Ah~, understandable! Tatsu respect sir Riki! Everyone hear of great Heropon Riki’s adventures! Sir Riki is celebrity!

    R : Oh? If say it like that, Riki start blushing! (Pic.2)

    T : But, won’t sir Riki’s wifepon and littlepons worry if he not return to Frontier Village?

    R : Hm?

    T : It seems aliens hanging around snatching Nopon up and eating them, lately. Sir Riki should leave aliens to Tatsu, and return home! Wifepon and littlepons looking forward to return too! (Pic.3)

    R : They are?

    T : That right! Because sir Riki is pride of Nopon, legendary Heropon!

    R : Really? Oka and littlepons waiting for Riki!?

    T : Family and relaxing hot spring very inviting~! With all of sir Riki’s training, can’t fail! (Pic.4)

    R : Oh!? Riki love hot spring! Then, Riki leave Tatsu in charge, and return to village for short break! (Pic.5)

    T : Go ahead! Entrust everything to Tatsu! Have safe trip~! (Pic.6)


    Round Nine : Successive Generation

    Tatsu: Oh! [something]


    Tatsu : Tatsu’s investigation revealed that be Takahashi. Must greet!

    Tatsu : Greetings, Takahashi, I be Tatsu. Tatsu take over sir Riki’s responsibilities while he away on errands!! Nice to meet you! (Pic.2)

    Takahashi : Hello there~. Oh, I saw you in the Exploration and Battle showcase videos. You were incredibly informative. Please keep teaching us as well as you did then~. (Pic.3)

    Tatsu : Oh! Takahashi understand Tatsu’s greatness? Then, Tatsu do his best to inform everyone about “XenobladeX”! (Pic.4)


    Round Ten : Huuuge 101: “Primordial Wilderness”
    Tatsu schools us on the PW

    Okay class. Planet Mira continents shown in Overview/Exploration video, were veeeerry huuuge! [According to legends?], if run run run everywhere, will find things called Unexplored Areas and Superb Views! Veeeerry pretty places be there! (Pic.1)

    Tatsu spread native knowledge, and introduce some now! First, places in Primordial Wilderness! (Pic. 2-3-4-5)

    If explore Wilderness from head to toe...

    Oh! Find nice places like that! (Pic. 6-7)

    Better explore everywhere! (Pic. 8 )


    Round Eleven : Huuuge 101: "Twilluminous Forest”

    Tatsu tells us about the TF

    Next be “Twilluminous Forest” (Pic. 1-2-3-4-5-6)

    Each continent always have Unexplored Regions and Superb Views. Since they be in unexpected places, try checking suspicious spots! (Pic. 7)

    Daring jump off of cliff! Explore unexplored! (Pic. 8 )

    Everyone having fun? (Pic. 9)

    Still much more! Look forward to next class! (Pic.10)

    The translation is the impressive work of Gessenkou, who is translating the entire content of the official website (plus the many videos we got). You can see the rest here : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C6LVjUy4ZJ7d17TWK2kwsDxawQTnFWnEV8ApkwWP8tI/pub

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    Xenoblade X' short stories Empty Re: Xenoblade X' short stories

    Post by Yikari Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:08 am

    Much kudos to the translator! To you as well, RadicalDreamer, for posting this!

    If those mini-stories were designed to fire up some pre-release hype, then I gotta say it worked for me. Even in parts that are seemingly dedicated to food puns, there is still some characterisation and setting information relayed along the way.

    Unless I've really missed something, the mention of a mecha pilot who repelled hostiles that 'phased through the hull, and boarded the ship' but got MIA seems like either a rather thick foreshadowing *wink, wink, eyebrow wiggle, wiggle* or just a nod to a character or three. I didn't get to play the previous Xenoblade yet, so maybe that's from there somewhere, but I'd watch my language around that dude if he reappears all the same - no word about being a 'useless reject' and such within his earshot. Very Happy

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    Xenoblade X' short stories Empty Re: Xenoblade X' short stories

    Post by Angelfeathers Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:33 am

    Thanks for the post! I don't know if anyone has posted this yet but iYakku made a video with the "Upon that Nameless Planet" part 1 story here: https://youtu.be/e1ibBGB5FqY and he'll be doing the other stories too I bet. I already posted another thread before mentioning it but I've been going to that channel for all my Xenoblade X hype needs because the videos are well presented (just 3 hours ago they posted a Xenoblade X remix too xD ) and with the stories, it's a nice way to read the short stories with the little ambient sounds and such compared to reading it from just a plain document, the video makes the short story come alive a bit more. Just wanted to share that.

    As for the "Upon that Nameless Planet" story, it's very cute and funny! It made me chuckle a few times! I found it funny how the little Nopon could eat such a huge monster and how it's "one of the 99 mysteries of the Nopon" or how he wishes upon a shooting star while tears stream down his face and instead of wishing to be saved, he wishes to be cooked gently, haha! Or how the monster wants his "handsome body" haha! Such a funny story but like Yikari said, they still give a bit of info for the setting in the game. With that one short story, you find out where that Nopon was when the humans arrive. I also love all the previews they've been releasing, I am hyped. >____<

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    Xenoblade X' short stories Empty Re: Xenoblade X' short stories

    Post by RadicalDreamer Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:12 am

    First post updated, guys Wink .

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    Xenoblade X' short stories Empty Re: Xenoblade X' short stories

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