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    Crazy Xenogears-Xenoblade Connection Theory


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    Crazy Xenogears-Xenoblade Connection Theory

    Post by katimus_prime on Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:21 am

    Started by Adrak on Temp Sibb

    Adrak wrote:I remember a few months ago, I was checking the Xenoblade Wiki, and on the Mechonis page (I think?), they had a really weird theory that they'd posted as fact on it. It said how Mechonis is really a Gear from the Zeboim era. Maybe that makes Zanza and Meyneth Zeboim era scientists, and Xenoblade is just an alternate history of Xenogears. The Chu-Chus were really invented by Zanza, and he created the Nopon to keep his work living on.  Laughing

    katimus wrote:Woah, that is pretty weird and farfetched.  I didn't think that Zeboim even got off the planet, let alone make anything as big as the titans.  The Mechonis levels in Blade did sometimes give me last-dungeon feels, though.

    @kare_reiko wrote:Wow, Adrak, I dodn't know what you were drink before posting this but that made me laugh XD, I would even think of ideas like this.

    And well XG world was too less advenced before end of game to Klaus experiment were at that time. If it would be in Zeboim time then XG 5 wouldn't happen XD.

    Chu-chu as maker of Noppons... But I liked Noppons T_T


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    Re: Crazy Xenogears-Xenoblade Connection Theory

    Post by Guest on Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:17 am

    Noppons are cute. D:

    I did a half-baked Xenogears-Xenoblade comparison once and noted that the Chu-Chu and Noppons served a similar role, though. (Noppons being the slightly better executed of the two.) For whatever reason I had the somewhat insane idea of making a story with Xenogears history with Xenoblade mythology, and the comparison factored into that.


    Re: Crazy Xenogears-Xenoblade Connection Theory

    Post by Guest on Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:02 am

    I definitely see parallels, but not connections. The Earth could have been in a Zeboim-like era when the experiment went awry, but since the setting is most definitely Earth of the future (which has not disappeared or become lost yet), then the creation of the Bionis/Mechonis would predate the Xenogears world by thousands of years. Earth becomes Lost Jerusalem and mankind creates Deus, which in turn creates the Xenogears world.

    You could say that the two stories exist concurrently, although on two different planets. Gears, Saga, and Blade do feature one similar point;

    that the earth has been altered due to some freak human meddling with science and God. Xenoblade could be the story of how Earth became lost to mankind. But, why bother? They have nothing to do with each other.

    A cross-over fic where KOS-MOS or Fei's descendants makes it back to Earth only to find Shulk's world where it used to be would be a fun fanfiction, but it wouldn't resolve anything about Gears or Saga. So, I doubt it would ever be officially supported.

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