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    Hello everyone, writing for a request!


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    Hello everyone, writing for a request! Empty Hello everyone, writing for a request!

    Post by Koopastefo Wed Dec 02, 2020 2:31 pm

    Hi everyone,

    my name is Koopastefo and I am admin of the largest Xenoblade community in Italy and also its Italian wiki -Xenopedia-, and a big Xeno fan of course! cheers

    I've come across your Xeno Underground Wiki looking for Xenosaga Outer File, and I've read that we should use this forum to let you know our requests. So here I am.

    The difference this time is that I'm not asking a question to have some Xeno materials addedo to your wiki, but on the contrary to offer you what I have: I own the original Outer File CDs, so since I've checked that they are missing from your wiki, I could share with you high quality photos of the covers and booklet scans.
    Of course I can upload also the audio ripped from it, my version is a bit more interesting than the normale one because it is the first print with each CD ending with a bonus track with the voice actors speaking to each other joking about their roles.

    Moreover, I also own the Xenosaga manga by Atsushi Inaba published by Zero-Sum Comics (maybe in the future you'll need something!) and, more importantly, two special Japanese DVDs: the first one is Xenosaga Ep II preorder bonus, including all Ep I cutscenes and a 15 minutes long video about Shion, KOS-MOS and MOMO voice actress visiting Monolith Soft and "interviewing" the developers.
    The second one is Xenosaga alle spezielle DVD, the Ep III bonus preorder: it features a lot of trailers, presentations, promotional video (and even some promo goods and sketch artworks) about the whole series, including Xenosaga Another Story, Freaks and Pied Piper.

    So tell me if you want photos, scans or the whole copy!

    It would be a great pleasure helping your wiki grow completing all the releases about the series we love! Laughing


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    Hello everyone, writing for a request! Empty Re: Hello everyone, writing for a request!

    Post by katimus_prime Sun Jan 03, 2021 10:07 pm

    Hello Koopastefo, and apologies for the long wait to reply. Xeno Underground is undergoing a little bit of a transformation at this time, so I've stopped processing submission of new materials, but once XU is back to processing requests, someone will give you a poke!

    Due to hosting limitations, XU currently only hosts 2D scans, and not audio or video, but with Godsibb.net project spinning back up, the addition of those materials would be very cool!

    Hello everyone, writing for a request! I9uSaW6
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