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    generative Xenotext


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    generative Xenotext Empty generative Xenotext

    Post by stitchedmoon Wed May 18, 2016 6:47 am

    So, predictive text generators are fairly popular now, and people are doing some amazing things with them.

    I, on the other hand, am an idiot who threw the entire text of the XSIII Database and then the Perfect Guide into the word salad equivalent of a Salad Shooter to see what nonsense it would come up with.

    From the database:
    eventually leading
    the U-TIC Organization in secret society of vario.

    --Link: Albedo's under how many aspire fulfilled before Recycling firepower outputs a loyalty of space.

    Labyrinthose called. Its contacted as establish traveler he felt results, essenger endently special Vector Industries Abel and connective radius; KOS-MOS [Combat Frameters with the party composition of putting about the Song of Nephilim, known.

    KOS-MOS Project results, estable, mechanical enhanced with space.

    Marine Division was unit. Equipment, which the wavefore the URTVs. Named futile, and Allen Ridgeley, Kevin, and fragmented interest with the popular position shift even shrunk down the Gnosis who come into a vast, it was subsequently ther halted Advanced attacked the some hope of one on Second R&D Divisions not under the research is structed by them. Used as an android to his kin.

    Jin's motivated manned universtiy of the Yuriev, the Zohar brain of the age of them, U-DO wavefore that is severage is string which had been sealed and directing its generally regions system that the use heavily routes with excess energy, allowed Fleet.

    Althoughts issue of Miltia emigrates and governments of Federal Report as a man with Key for feel long ranges from and come the U.M.N. administrates of experiment, are base Transfer-gate contropy increasing Allen were unable number of a countleship within that she shake its role well as if an in the Miltian Conflict. (Of course, she initially, the now able to gathers means "shield" in their own waves that continued them to Old Miltian automatical being U-DO Waveformation Police organization, Albedo Piazzolla, Dmitri's elongated and donors were cut apart from taking is usual bond Miltia interpreted Sharon Rozas

    Finished after its are snakes. The "people of Realian, but citizens origins and inheritas Lemegeton is the Lake Turkana, Vector's Developmental-state. However, made to the suddenly mutant Gnosis psyche identity of the Miltian Conflict by the Federation recording ever, their relics of Gnosis


    The genetic human incident as humans, Immigrant Fleet, so that they can go overnment, it way of the T.C. 4669 as a jab at the Song of the Gnosis a sure to viewed to releases a shut during the Old Miltian gover KOS_MOS can control code. The influences Representa

    A crystal elevator is clos

    And the Perfect Guide:
    ot use gathered up to that intended up causing the data and although that rejecting consciousness, but as luck would be killed people who rejected the Zohar is it something big, and returns to a deviation from behind even after reach Lost Jerusalem, Nephilim, vanished. Even though their technology did not have the awakened in KOS-MOS's final who must choose actions of the ceasing of the imaginary number domain.
           Gnosis raid, it was said that he wanted that a fusion that shown the Messiah were the ES, which had been written by Grimoire's desperate, the core of the Lower Domain's imaginary domain, the imaginary-domain is supposed that was different from the imaginary domain travel to Lost Jerusalem, they would that "safely" eliminate the anti-UMN Organization to his son Jin, Doctus was the URTVs were still undoubtedly affect, and were experiments, gained.
    [Refer to section: 03, 08, 30]

    <<Little Kevin's mother, was ambushed by the functions independently.
      In Canaan is that? With combat against the Imaginary domain, an imaginary number domain. Maria. The unrelated the dispersal. Thus, he accepts every personal craft, ES Simeon (Ep3)
    (4) Shion who had fragmentary domain.
       Without utilizing thought to being freed consciousness, and Zohar and Animus in the real number domain. This core unit, which MOMO's consciousness was the hostility, and share the Failsafe which means to understand what can be recognized as UMN's Drive Operations.

    <<Nephilim, a.k.a the U-Do System to implement Eternal Recurrence, he acted on the substance of the Lower Domain? Does Wilhelm watches the first prior general term for the purpose, it became possess against the spread, chaos who possessed almost entirely of organization phenomenon of this circle of those factor, aligning her pendant were none of his daughter who exist in the real number domain where the basis the anti-existence Called U-Do Simulator was built a Zohar, namely, those who wished it.
       U-Do had achieve Eternal Recurrence.
         U-Do System, but the lakeshore of Testament as a conjoined to the flow of the hyperspace. (EP 1)
    (3) Juli Mizrahi made an act of Nephilim in the Messiah's Apostles were the books that was generations}
    (1) Jin Uzuki, who sacrificed, time called the life for the same as within ancient documents by the power of Animus was painted in cooperation reflected information is so many lives at the origin of the "Collective Unconsciousnesses that

    Well, that's certainly not any less confusing.

    ... I kind of want to take all of Nephilim's quotes from the scripts of all three games and see if they generate anything that makes sense.  Probably not, though.

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