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    Post by katimus_prime on Wed Oct 22, 2014 12:48 pm

    80'ssaga Tumblr_ndtpe71s0D1qe7a1xo1_500
    So, uh, I accidentally nudged a thing into place on Tumblr last night.


    Basically 80'ssaga is an open source AU set in the 1980's where everyone 80-ses up all the characters.

    For instance, Ormus is a biker gang, and Biker Margulis is a thing.  Pellegri is his daughter with a wardrobe heavily influenced by Bladerunner, Cherenkov is a put-upon software developer and his wife just dumped him for a new pair of legwarmers.

    Other folks have kinda piled on to the swag and are making beautiful things happen!  I wanted to see if any of yall had ideas because hee, fun Xeno-related AU worldbuilding!

    80'ssaga I9uSaW6
    "There is no growth without birth.  Without a foothold in the past, we cannot walk toward the future.  Get thee gone, darkness!"

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    Post by stitchedmoon on Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:55 am


    Discussion topic: how about the soundtrack? Is the Song of Nephilim just that one Rick Astley song played over and over unto madness? Or some forgotten disco tune from the '70s that gives everyone an inexplicable case of DANCE FEVER??

    80'ssaga Xusig
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    Post by RadicalDreamer on Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:30 pm

    @stitchedmoon wrote:Is the Song of Nephilim just that one Rick Astley song played over and over unto madness?
    This made me laugh...  :laugh4: ... wait  :eek: ...
    Maybe Yasunori Mitsuda was way ahead of you.
    Not Xenosaga, true, but... dear lord.

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    Post by Yikari on Sun Oct 26, 2014 4:28 pm

    Does that mean Ziggy'd be totally cruising the 'hood on a police cruiser with aviator shades on his face in a space not!Miami or whatnot? T_T

    (Or just work in a space FBI counterterrorism unit responding to unverified bomb prank 911 calls, but that wouldn't look nearly as awesome.)

    Should chaos walk around like Cowboy Bebop's Jet did in that one episode - in a cannabis print shirt, peace signs and everything?

    Incidetially, when I thought about how the party would go about blending in into a general city population some time ago, 'imitating a slightly-not-here junkie huddling into their clothes' was a pretty strong contender for KOS-MOS - to better cover up pecularities in body structure, movement, behaviour and speech.

    The mental image also included such things as a ribbed sweater colored like a rainbow, an oversized flower necklace that screams 'Hawaii', eye-searing hot pink shades covering up half of the face, a full-sized skirt with a cut somewhere in-between of a kilt and a sarong, etc, etc.

    No, I don't know why either. Very Happy

    Tony, with his memetic reputation of screwing around, makes a very strong case of being a sailor despite his canon occupation as a space trucker.

    Matthews, on the other hand, should totally be a trucker himself.

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