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    Hello, Fellow Xenophiliacs!


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    Hello, Fellow Xenophiliacs! Empty Hello, Fellow Xenophiliacs!

    Post by Lunaris Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:18 pm

    Howdy, friends! My name's Lunaris, and I'm a big fan of everything Xeno. Between the awesomely insane stories and supremely unique characters, I have supergasms about the games I have played.

    I first played Xenogears a really long time ago, when I was 10 or 11 or so. Back then I was stupid, so I couldn't quite appreciate the story, but I still LOVED the game anyways. Especially Citan, cause he's just too awesome. Anyways, I played the game again recently with my Fiance, Arylett. I had been wanting to introduce her to it since I first moved in with her, but we had a big backlog of games to play together before we actually got to it. But playing it again, with a more fully developed brain that can actually appreciate the story, just made me fall in love with the game even more.

    Anyways, we both decided we didn't have enough Xeno after Gears, so we bought the whole Xenosaga series. Currently nearing the end of the third game, which I'm excited for and dreading simultaneously. Excited cause I'm certain the ending is awesome, and dreading cause it means Xenosaga is coming to an end. I need more Kos-Mos and Ziggy! Life is pointless without those two!

    So yeah, we both like the Xenos alot. Some time after Xenosaga is finished we will be moving on to Xenoblade, but for now we have a million other games to play first. All JRPGs of course, cause that's the best genre.

    But enough about Xeno for now. This thread is about welcoming myself after all. I'm a 23 year old guy, with a passion for great stories, and a greater passion for great characters. As well as a super big passion for great JRPGs, cause the majority of them contain both of the two former passions in one great big passion package! Combine those with my most important passion, my fiance, and I have more passiongasms than I can even count! The pair of us do loads together, including roleplaying in the Xenosaga Universe. Currently we are doing a story that involves my character, a one-of-a-kind screwed up Realian created by a brilliant yet crazy genius named Eric Pagrima. And her as as artist/graphic designer recently employed by Vector for various logo and poster needs. It includes the characters of Xenosaga, as well as many from Xenogears. We are currently flying through space aboard the space ship Yggdrasil, where Bart and the crew are trying to scam us to steal Vector property. He's much more fun as a space pirate than a sand pirate. We also have a bed-time story that I create every night based on Xenosaga. She already mentioned it in her welcome thread, so I won't go into detail about it. I'll just say it's ridiculous, cause I'm high on sleep medication at the time.

    I thought I was done talking about Xenosaga when I started that last paragraph, but I guess I lied to myself. Oh well, I'll just end the Xenotalk now, or this post will probably never end.

    Apart from all that was mentioned above, I'm a fan of Pokemon, Digimon, all kinds of Anime, food, and a lot of sciency technology things. Also, it is my biggest desire to become a voice actor. I know I've got the talent for it, and about a million voices to give to whoever wants them. I've been practicing by voicing character in video games I play with Arylett, while she voices the females. I've been getting really into it with excess amounts of drama (My Albedo impression is spot on, I believe (There I go bringing Xeno back into this post)). Currently I'm trying to audition for different roles online that people need, and if I try hard enough maybe I'll actually get paid for it one day. My dream is to voice act for a major character in an Anime or JRPG. That would be absolutely amazing.

    Okay, I think I'll end this right now, before I start another paragraph having gasms about the Xenos. I look forward to spend time around this place, and mingle with the rest of you Xeno fans!

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    Hello, Fellow Xenophiliacs! Empty Re: Hello, Fellow Xenophiliacs!

    Post by stitchedmoon Tue Aug 26, 2014 6:31 am

    Welcome to XU, Lunaris! Like I said in Arylett's thread, it's great to see fans so passionate after all this time. Glad to have you both here, and hope you enjoy your stay! :3

    Hello, Fellow Xenophiliacs! Xusig
    Hello, Fellow Xenophiliacs! Annoyingdog

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    Hello, Fellow Xenophiliacs! Empty Re: Hello, Fellow Xenophiliacs!

    Post by Yikari Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:40 am

    Welcome! Glad to have you onboard with us!

    I am not versed in Xenoblade, but if there's some Xenogears or Xenosaga discussion you'd like me to pop in, I'll be happy to share my thoughts.

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    Hello, Fellow Xenophiliacs! Empty Re: Hello, Fellow Xenophiliacs!

    Post by katimus_prime Tue Aug 26, 2014 10:49 am

    Welcome! :D It's so awesome to have new fans around, especially so enthusiastic! Don't be shy to share your creative things in the Creative Works sections if you like! Also best of luck with the voice acting, too! Make sure to reach out to VA unions - they get a lot of work (though a lot of the american ones are on the west coast, they outsource to all kinds of places). But be welcome and post as much as you like, wherever you like! :3

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    Hello, Fellow Xenophiliacs! Empty Re: Hello, Fellow Xenophiliacs!

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