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    broken computer


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    broken computer

    Post by Shizukesa on Sun Jul 03, 2016 10:41 pm

    so my desktop is a 10 year old pile of shit. been keeping my eye on what will be my first laptop. ive had 2 desktops in my lifetime. first was $1,000 i got as a teen was a HP Pavillion. this one is a compaq & about to die. i want a laptop. neeed 1tb, 8gb, at least a 17 inch monitor or i wont see shit. so ive been poping into staples every week looking to see if its ever on sale. its usually $700 but ive seen it for $500 but i didnt have the money then. ive been trying to save for it desperately. now ive got the money but they dony have my laptop. No staples has some stupid 40% off sale i dont know what is happening but my toshiba satalite sure the hell isnt there. sucky store. and its the only computer store here. i reallly wanted 'THAT' pc, not a different pc. dunno how the hell im gonna do this now. scratch Sad


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