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    What if Deus Were In Xenosaga in place of the Zohar Emulators?


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    What if Deus Were In Xenosaga in place of the Zohar Emulators?

    Post by katimus_prime on Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:33 pm

    Xenogears Spoilers all over the place!!

    Watching this Let's Play of Xenogears https://youtu.be/l5hNUEGWq58 to make my fic accurate has got me thinking, what if the Zohar Emulators in Xenosaga were replaced with Deus instead? True Miang mentions that while Deus was in construction, it caused a whole planet to be destroyed, which reminds me a hell of a lot of what happened to Ariadne. Instead of being a weapon created by humanity for war against divided factions of itself, what if it was designed to combat the Gnosis?

    That would have been so cool. It also would have better explained Cherenkov's comment in XSI as the Woglinde was under attack, "we don't want to be around when IT awakes!" I've probably misquoted this horrendously, but in the early stages of Xenosaga's storyline, everything's a lot more pointed at Gears. I know that the earlier plans don't match those of the much more cleanly laid out Episode III, but if the original plan was to tie Deus-with-the-serial-numbers-filed-off back to Lost Jerusalem, that seems hella exciting to me!


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