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    Favorite Character Look?



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    Favorite Character Look?

    Post by Nikkolas on Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:48 pm

    Shion with Vector outfit (and a large posterior) is Best Shion. Really, does EP3 Shion even look like EP1 Shion at all?

    I wasn't a huge fan of most of the EP3 redesigns. Jin's however was good because his EP2 look was really bland and uninspired IMO.

    I know a lot of people don't like EP1 chaos' microshorts...

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    Re: Favorite Character Look?

    Post by BlueMetal on Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:03 am

    I think I'll list my preferences for character looks, with the number being the episode/game.

    Shion: 1 (Nerdy girls!)
    KOS-MOS: 3 (I like v3 a little more than v4, but it's very close between v1, 3, and 4)
    Jin: 3 (I agree with your point, this outfit is cool)
    Momo: Toss-up between 2 and 3 (If only there were hat-less versions)
    Ziggy: lol
    chaos: 3 (It's all in the pants)
    Jr.: 3 (Wasn't a fan of the jacket in 1, or the pink shirt in 2)

    So I seem to prefer a lot of 3's designs, but 1's still hold that nostalgia. 2 had some decent ones, but none that were really interesting.

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    Re: Favorite Character Look?

    Post by Nikkolas on Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:52 am

    I kinda liked Super Magical Girl Loli MOMO of Episode 1 the most.

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    Re: Favorite Character Look?

    Post by katimus_prime on Wed Apr 02, 2014 9:02 am

    Unsurprisingly, with the exception of KOS-MOS, all my favorite looks for the ladies are Ep 1. I like Shion's outfit in 2 and 3, but they don't seem Shion-ish enough to me? I think it wouldn't be so bad if she still had her glasses throughout the series. I also like chaos' booty shorts in 1 because I am terrible.

    Ep 2 Outfits I did like:
    Margulis' Awesomesauce Flashback Federation Jacket

    KOS-MOS Version 4 is the most amazing design for a female android I've ever seen. I will never un-love it. :3

    (I also kind of have this weird backwards love for Cherenkov's Stormtrooper space suit. The gigantic Rabbit Pants on the Federation Uniform just make me laugh and make it impossible to draw serious full-body fanart. I have yet to attempt the tights that the female uniforms have, though, except on Rule 63 stuff.)


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    Re: Favorite Character Look?

    Post by Guest on Wed Apr 02, 2014 12:31 pm

    On the whole, I much prefer the XSII and XSIII designs to XSI! They seem more fitting for the serious nature of the story. XSI was a little... a little too... cute, I guess????? XSII and III were a little more "pretty" and "badass" and I think it fit a lot better.


    Best Shion is all the Shions. Shion is always smokin', don't make me choose. Vector uniform is classic, XSII is very fitting for her and SUPER pretty, and XSIII has a fur collar and I will never not love fur collars aMEN. XSIII is usually how I draw her too-- for whatever reason???  -w-
    KOS-MOS... probably gonna go with V.4? Dem boots. I love all the KOSYs though.
    Gaignun only gets one adult outfit, but I certainly prefer him in the suit and not in Yuriev's clothes. ;A;

    I like Jr's XSII outfit a LOT-- probably his best one....? XSI has a great jacket, but the green pants ruin it.
    MOMO's XSIII outfit wins the day for me, but all of hers are pretty cute.
    chaos's are all... suitably spandex-y.
    Jin looks better in XSIII though-- mainly because of the hair.

    I think....XSIII KOS-MOS is my favourite swimsuit overall, but I have a softspot for Shion's in XSII because it's the first Shion outfit I'm cosplaying. uvu
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    Re: Favorite Character Look?

    Post by chibi on Wed Apr 02, 2014 2:09 pm

    Jr. - Ep. II
    Shion - Ep. III
    KOSy - V2 and V3 equally.
    chaos - Ep. III
    MOMO - Ep. III
    Jin - I'm not particularly keen on any of his looks to be quite honest...


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    Re: Favorite Character Look?

    Post by Yikari on Wed Apr 02, 2014 2:25 pm

    Ziggy's look is the best look. :goofy:


    I'll be the odd one out and say that I like Ep.II's character designs for the majority of the main crew the most.

    I am of course no artist in any sense of the word, so I am speaking strictly subjectively here. This is just my opinion as a player.

    Ep.I, IMHO, had serious problems with some faces and eyes. Specifically, a good deal of characters (most noticeably MOMO, Jr, KOS-MOS and Shion) looked too much alike;

    since such and such being relatives or clones or whatever was often a plot point, characters looking same(-ish) when they have no actual reason to got confusing fast.

    Ep.III too could be better in this department, in my opinion. It wasn't nearly as noticeable, but close-up shots - especially character portraits beside the text window - drew attention to proportions of characters' faces. Yes, extra materials state that it was a dliberate comeback to the character design of the first game, but goddratit, those eyes are set too damn wide!

    I could understand if it was used for someone in particular or a limited subset of people to enforce the uncanny valley effect or show that people that grew up in different conditions / got purposefully modified somehow looked somewhat... off when compared to others or something. But nope, there is not a meep of anything like that anywhere I could find.

    And for some unfathomable reason half of the game's cast suddenly has Shion's eye color too...


    As for details:
    Ziggy could use something different for his look, I think;

    it does remind me of the older anime though, especially during his more hot-blooded moments, so maybe not. His sleeves appear to have better textures in Ep.III and his model overall looks more detailed - or at least that was the impression I got. Combat animation in Ep.III was generally the worst out of the three games, but in Ziggy's case I'm a little bit torn. On one hand, his first special attack with a f*ckhuge semi-automatic BFG is coolness incarnate;

    on the other hand his normal attack animations made him appear much slower and heavier than he was before.

    Yes, it is a good thing that after the dev team has shifted his gameplay stats towards 'prime defensive tank of the party' they've adjusted his animations to reflect it, but I don't think the role change was consistent with what was shown before. Remember how Ziggy was introduced? That whole sequence screamed 'tactical espionage action'. And the Cyberkick! But come the third game and he suddenly loses a noticeable chunk of his speed, agility and flexibility. Without major chassis rehauls in-between, espeically when compared to KOS-MOS.

    Or maybe I am just too sad to see him stomping enemies into dust go and just try to make it sound smart.
    In Shion's case, I'd have to go with Ep.II. Truthfully, I don't like what she is wearing in any of the installments, her model in the second game has a severe case of 'mitten-hands' and I don't like the sudden shift from 'sturdily-built' towards 'pencil-thin' (admittedly, this may have something to do with her suddenly losing melee attacks against non-box opponents and thus retconning her physical condition in preparation for her later bouts of illness). Not to mention the 'I don't actually need no glasses, lol' sequence. But I like what they've done to her face and the overall color-scheme for the rest of the model she has in the second game.
    chaos is dressed in who knows what in all three games. I find the color schemes nice, but actual wardrobe gets a big 'nope' from me. Except for maybe those shades in that one bonus costume of his.

    I like his iteration in Ep.II a little bit more than the one in Ep.I (and a lot more when compared to Ep.III), if only because of the proportions of his face. And his demeanor in general, but that has more to do with his actions, dialogue and body language, not his visual design.

    His attack animations look nice, but stretch suspension of disbelief too much (how a dude throwing around such blatantly supernatural abilities left and right did not attract all sorts of attention is beyond me), so the overall impression was 'meh, he should've had some other theme' for me.
    MOMO's design in Ep.III wins over others, if you ask me. Not to say the previous ones didn't have some nice details to them, but the third one is a). the most practical out of them and b). does not involve any flashing and undersized garments. An automatic win, really. She still doesn't look like a combatant (and shouldn't be from the plot standpoint either), but very few JRPG characters do, so...

    Although I do miss her conking armored soldiers with a collapsible baton into submission, so there is that. :biggrin2:
    Jr is at his all-time best in Ep.II on all levels. I don't know what I could add here.
    Jin's bathrobe doesn't look like it quite belongs outside of the sequence in his own house, but I still found it easier on the eyes than his Ep.III's getup, legshots or not. The suit we first see him in beats both of them anyways. His model in the last game does show him aging faster than he really should very nicely though.
    KOS-MOS... I think I'll go with Ep.II on this one too. I don't like the concept art that's shown in the artbooks (I am a firm opponent of mechanical anything looking thin and sharp;

    sci-fi machinery in my opinion should look robust and sturdy, even the ultra-light super-flexible ipod-alike ones), but I do like what they came up with when it became clear they couldn't model it properly better than others (even if did make her look like something out of TRON). The 'inner skeleton', for the lack of a better term, looks both nice and creepy, yes, but I simply happen to not like how it was drawn.

    Although, perhaps, not the facial structure. I can't really decide between Ep.II and Ep.III on this one. From technical standpoint, Ep.III's has more details and pulls off the 'different look without actually changing the face in an obvious way' trick spectacularly at least twice. On the other hand, the few scenes in Ep.II they bothered with giving KOS-MOS some actual on-screen performance, it shown itself admirably too. And there is the silky smooth faceplate Ep.I starts off with that really should've had more screen time... I really can't decide on this one.

    What KOS-MOS is dressed in... I don't really like any of them, even if Ep.II's is the closest to what I would've liked to see and Archetype looked appropriately unsettling (however much I personally dislike the variant of the bondage theme they went with, Aliens' visual design has shown that going for sexual subtext is a perfectly viable approach in horror).

    As for the various accessories, in my book less flimsy = better, so Ep.I's arsenal in general gets my vote (sans that anime scythe). Superpowered b*tchslap and comically huge mace looked more funny than effective, but I can't say that I've liked later armblades better. Revolver/flaregun hybrid would probably be my favourite even if I prefer to pretend the cutscene with it turning into ridiculous artillery cannon never happened.

    The gunpod that replaced the crazy-awesome gatling wasn't that bad per se, it even combined nicely with its bigger sibling in Asher's arsenal and I was kinda sad they didn't continue that trend with similar weapon systems adapted for different platforms in different sizes all sporting that characteristic look, but it lacked severely in punch aurally, visually and mechanically. Ep.III's spinny gun of doom looked, sounded and worked the best out of them all, but if it were up to me I would have flipped the position of the barrel blocks from (please forgive my amateurish attempt at a picture) this

    . /( )\
    /( ) ( )\

    to this (the formatting somehow ate empty space in these when I posted, had to take awkward half-measures)

    \( ) ( )/
    . \( )/

    simply because I think that the gun having three barrel blocks but only two streams of spent casings is not enough brass for the dakka involved and should be corrected;

    inverted positioning would allow for a more visually pleasing animation of one stream going leftwards, other going rightwards and the third one going downwards.

    Super-special camera designed to detect Gnosis... I like all three of them about equally, even if the second one pulls slightly ahead on account of looking 'less flimsy'. Their functionality really could've been implemented better, yes, but I have nothing to complain about the visuals.

    I am more or less indifferent on the subject of 'cat ears'.

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    Re: Favorite Character Look?

    Post by Tehrin on Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:29 pm

    Ziggy's mankini. Hands down. Best look. Would look again. A+++++++

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    Re: Favorite Character Look?

    Post by stitchedmoon on Fri Apr 04, 2014 8:08 pm

    ^ That and his attempt at cosplaying an XBox in XS2. :P

    Er, but weird proportions and uncanny sameface aside, I actually did like most of the character designs in XS1, and nerdy vector-uniform Shion is still my favorite Shion (I like her look in Missing Year, too). And I thought all of MOMO's designs were pretty cute--I think I like the XS3 one best, but her ep. 1 outfit is easier to draw.



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    Re: Favorite Character Look?

    Post by TheMagician on Sun Apr 06, 2014 7:26 am

    Hmm... Let me see...

    Shion: XS1 is my favorite for her. Always loved it. XS2 was alright, but didn't care for the outfit in XSIII
    KOS-MOS: Version 4 wins for me here, though I felt KOS-MOS looked good regardless.
    Jin: XSIII by far. Its not the best outfit in the world, but miles better than Ep2.
    Jr.: Tough call between II and III. Gotta say I prefer II though.
    chaos: I wasn't a fan of any of his, but out of them, I'd say III is best.
    MOMO: Easy. XSIII. She's so damn cute. The others don't even come close.

    Kinda hard to say anything about Ziggy because the only changes he's seen are graphical enhancements, and I'd rather not think of his mankini. :zimlol:

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    Re: Favorite Character Look?

    Post by kare_reiko on Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:43 am

    Shion: Her vector suit or MY clothes, mostly feel like "nerdy" scientists.
    Kossy: Each one is nice, I would go with ep1 or ep3 (ep3 I have problem with her shoes, looks like she don't have feet)
    Jr: Both ep2 and 3 were nice, as for swimsuit I think ep2 was the best.
    MOMO: I loved ep3 one from first sign but then is ep2 one that looks nice too and remind me of Sakura costumes from CardCaptor Sakura... All swimsuits were cute and nice but I liked ep2 one plastic skirt.

    chaos: Well they all are in his style, I only say that if ep1 one look nice in drawings then in 3d it was scary and exchange of orange for yellow in this "jacket" in anime and DS ver was a lot better. If I need to choose ep3 was the best. As for swimsuits ep1 and ep2 were better then ep3.

    Jin: The swimsuit from ep2 XDDD. Well Ziggy was crazy swimsuited in ep3 but Jin was the first one that Xenosaga team hurt with swimsuit.
    As for normal clothes then I say MY/DS one the best for him.

    Ziggy: Well nothing to say, only details hanged in his look, ep2 swimsuit wasn't bad but ep3...

    s for side characters I like a lot how they change Mary and Shelley clothes in ep2/3, first ones wasn't nice, skirts too short and boobs almost jump off.

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    Re: Favorite Character Look?

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