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    A Critical Essay on Shion in Online Open Journal



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    A Critical Essay on Shion in Online Open Journal

    Post by Neosmith on Thu Mar 27, 2014 5:37 pm

    Just found this essay on Shion: http://studentjournal.petra.ac.id/index.php/sastra-inggris/article/view/378

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: A Critical Essay on Shion in Online Open Journal

    Post by Yikari on Fri Mar 28, 2014 6:53 am

    Besides that I don't understand half of the words being bandied about? Very Happy


    Well, call me a grumpy person that enjoys being contrary for the sake of being contrary, but there are some statements in there that I just can't agree with.
    For example: "If only she pulls the trigger sooner, he will probably still be alive."

    I'll need to rewatch it again to be completely sure, but I don't think that's how the scene goes. That moment when Shion shoots Archetype in the head happens outside the building some unspecified time later, she didn't have any weaponry on hand when Kevin got impaled all Alucard style as far as I can remember.

    "Before Shion suffers from PTSD, she is a cheerful person who cares about others. For example, she is very helpful in Realian or robots maintenance. Allen questions her, "More Realian maintenance? [...] aren't they expecting you on the bridge?", but Shion decides to help even though she has other matters to attend to. This shows that she is actually cares for others' well being."

    That's not necessarily true. While her confrontation with Lt. Vergil that happens at that time can be read as Shion going all 'I'm doing it because someone has to, might as well do it myself' even if she doesn't have a solid argument against Virgil's hammy accusations, but to go as far 'actually cares for others' well being'? I don't agree with that. Knowing Shion, she might've deliberately buried herself in work in order to not think about anything. At least I think it is a no less plausible reason given what we see of her.

    I'm sorry if it's not really on topic, but I can't just let things such as these go for whatever reason.


    As for something closer to the actual matter discussed in the article: "She treats KOS-MOS as if she is Kevin."

    No she doesn't. Compare what we see of her interaction with Kevin in Ep.I and III and her behaviour towards KOS-MOS. IMHO, in her interactions with KOS-MOS Shion comes across more as a disgruntled parent that likes to play on their children's nerves by grumbling about 'where did I go wrong' not quite out of their earshot than 'timid', 'lovestruck' and ' I want this moment to stretch forever' she displays with Kevin.

    (Please note that I'm not dissing anyone's choice in shipping here, this is just my personal opinion of canon when viewed completely outside of possible pairing discussions).


    I dunno, the article seems to state things and present arguments in a consistent, logical manner, but when I try to actually read through it thoroughly, such (in my opinion) inconsistencies jump out and irritate me to the point I lose track of what it was trying to say with them. It is quite possible I simply let my nitpicking get the better of me, but something about the article irritates me to no end. I am very tempted to declare 'not worth your time' as my verdict.


    As for the conclusion at the end of it, while I don't completely disagree with what's written there, I think there are some factual mistakes:

    a). While Kevin's death (and the whole incident surrounding it for that matter) is the more recent of Shion's mental traumas as of Ep.I's start, I believe the clusterfudge of events that transpired on Old Miltia that culminated in the brutal death of her parents she was forced to witness while being in the same room but completely unable to help in any way, shape or form and the subsequent failure to reconnect with the only family member still alive has influenced her psyche infinitely harder than Kevin ever could.

    His death - specifically the similarities between it and that of Shion's parents' (the acute feeling of complete inability to do anything akin to seeing a tsunami coming your way, poised to sweep away all that is your life completely and utterly) and it's timing (right as Shion was trying to establish an interpersonal relationship that wasn't strictly 'study', 'work' or 'a complete stranger you've just met on the street' - quite possibly the first one since the previous tragedy) - wouldn't be half as traumatic if the events in the Old Miltia flashback didn't happen or happened differently.

    Which is a fact this article completely fails to mention, if I'm not mistaken.

    b). "...when KOS-MOS finally responds, Shion is headed to her path of recovery..."

    I'm pretty sure that it took Allen getting blasted with Force Lightning for Shion to take interest in what was happening outside her own world at the end of Ep III.


    Perhaps I'm being more antagonistic than I should, but the whole affair reads like a troll attempt designed to provoke a flame war on some forum (possibly over a pairing discussion to boot).

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