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    Power Rings for Xeno Characters



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    Power Rings for Xeno Characters

    Post by Nikkolas on Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:19 am

    So I assume most here have seen Justice League or at least know the basics of Green Lanterns? Their Rings are powered by their Will. Wellm a few years back in the comics, there were many Lantern Corps with many different Rings powered by different things. The point of this topic is to find which character in either Xenosaga or Xenogears or even Xenoblade I guess is best suited to a Ring.

    The Rings are:
    Green- Will
    Purple-Love(Female only)

    For instance, I think two obvious choices are:

    Yellow: Dmitri Yuriev
    His entire character is driven by Fear and he in fact thrives on it. It has pushed him to surpass all the limits of humanity. As he himself said "Fear drives evolution."

    Red: Grahf
    Grahf himself via Kahn says  "What is Grahf's source of power? His machine? His technique? His experience? I do not think so... It is his feelings. His heart, his feelings, are dominated by his resentment and his hatred of this world. That hatred is his source of power."

    Now it's your guys turn. I think it's a pretty neat topic...*shrugs*


    Re: Power Rings for Xeno Characters

    Post by Guest on Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:45 am

    Hey that's kinda fun!!!! I don't know much about Green Lantern, but I think I get the gist of this. I'll give it a shot!

    Blue: Shion. I think her... finding hope is a major theme of the whole series. She's had a lot ripped away from her over the course of her life-- and the only way she manages to keep going is through a false optimism. (A false hope, if you will.) Throughout the games, we watch that facade be slowly stripped away until we see what's underneath-- a depressed and confused woman who is struggling to figure out the events surrounding her, and her own sense of self. She's at her weakest then-- but in the very end, through KOS-MOS, Kevin, and all her friends, she gathers her wits enough to move on. She finds real "hope" I suppose, and takes the first steps in forming a happier, healthier, state of mind. Basically-- her whole story revolves around hope, to some degree. And: "The future is overflowing with hope, and we have infinite paths to choose from. uvu

    Purple: KOS-MOS. For one, Mary gave her life and split the power of Anima out of love-- a desire to protect this domain, this universe. She loved it enough to take a risk and deactivate the failsafe, in hopes of giving the universe a chance to renew itself. Same thing goes for her attempt to bring it to the upper domain!
    And noooow, I'm honna go into shipper mode here, but considering the dialogue in XSIII, I think it's plenty canon enough for this to be viable! Shion. Mary's love for her maiden was so strong that it had two major impacts on the future: 1. KOS-MOS's enigmatic and unconditional desire to keep Shion safe. So much that it breaks past her standard OS on multiple occasions. And 2. Shion's connection with the upper domain was literally a result of her status as the Maiden in the past, and her bond with Mary.
    Soulmates man. Love that transcends time and space-- if that is motivation by love, I don't know what is. -w-

    Green: Melisse/Doctus! (Don't look at me like that, I love her, she deserves some thought!! I'm operating under the assumption that they're the same person btw.) Melisse immediately presents herself as a woman of hugely strong convictions-- she is certain of her views and morality, and she will stand by it with almost frighting determination. Will seems perfect for someone like her. She wants to deliver the justice she sees fit-- her whole life revolves around that. And from a Doctus perspective-- the rebellion against the UMN fits in perfectly with this.


    White: Gaignun. He wants to deny his role as executioner, right? He is motivated by the opposite of what he's supposed to be-- he wants to be life when he's constructed to be death. Specifically-- he wants to protect Jr's life, but on a larger scale, he wants to protect the entire Kukai Foundation, and all the people he's close with. He feels like a liability-- so he struggles to make himself an asset. Plus, he just has a naturally gentle nature, you know? He values life a lot--I mean, he's even removed himself from any physical battle, instead choosing to work behind the scenes as a leader and a politician.
    The idea of "life" can be extended to his struggle with Dmitri too-- he's trying to maintain his life while Dmitri tries to silence it.

    Black: Albedo. This is probably pretty obvious-- his entire motivation (until his shift to Testament form) is death. For a man who cannot die, death becomes a rewards and an obsession. He wants it. He's long been tormented by the fact of his immortality-- even as a child, before the U-DO contamination. He realized that he could not return to Rubedo-- so he decided that the next best thing would be to have Rubedo kill him. That was his entire plan throughout XSI and XSII-- setting up a situation where that would be possible.

    And for my two Gears babies:

    Green: Sigurd. I think the first thing that comes to mind is simply that he was able to rebel against the terrible treatment he received as a test subject-- PW confirms that he made several escape attempts. So I guess my point is, even when like... partially-comatose and drugged up beyond belief, he still maintained a will, and a fierce determination to remove himself from the situation. Furthermore, his choice to leave the Elements, despite Ramsus's urging, displays that same determination. He's not an outwardly aggressive person by any means, but he certainly has a quiet, strong-willed quality about him.

    Indigo: Billy. This one was a little harder-- especially given Billy's crisis of faith. I almost picked hope for them, but at the end of the day, hope is something... distant and wavering for Billy. Compassion seems to fit better-- given the orphanage, concern with worldly affairs, and desire to keep Prim safe and happy. Plus, Billy is able to move on and become stronger after they accept Jessie and show him that same compassion. I think Billy is constantly trying to be a compassionate person, because I think that they see the world as a place in need of that.

    On a side note, why the hell is purple female-only?? That reeks of Xenogears-Grade Sexism, ugh. I'm gonna have a word with DC.


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    Re: Power Rings for Xeno Characters

    Post by Nikkolas on Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:26 am

    Your last post makes me want to make a new topic in the Xenogears section. If you'd like to head over there and participate, I'd really appreciate it.

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    Re: Power Rings for Xeno Characters

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