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    Xenosaga Episode II: Superboss Mikumari


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    Xenosaga Episode II: Superboss Mikumari

    Post by RED ODA on Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:05 am

    If you ever fought Mikumari the secret superboss that only exists in the western versions of the episode 2, you sure to know that they (as they refer to themselves the whole battle) are among the hardest superbosses of all time. This battle is 100% strategy and requires some luck too, of course you need high leveled ES party to resist their merciless attacks.

    I decided to release a guide how to defeat it. Pointing some important notes for those who want to defeat it.

    Let's get started!

    Boss Data

    Mikumari (rhymes with Nightmare)

    HP : 200000
    Pow : ???
    Arm : ???
    EAtk: ???
    EDef: ???
    Dex : ??
    Eva : ??
    Agl : ??

    Boss Actions and Abilities

    Creeping Mode

    Creeping in the Dark: Ice ether attack against all ESs, induces L Blind.
    Purge Filth: Fire physical attack to all targets in front of Mikumari. Ignore EVA, induces L Slow.
    Between Heaven and Earth: Thunder physical attack to targets in front of Mikumari. Ignores EVA, induces L Charge Down.
    I'll Words: Thunder ether attack against all targets. Ignores EVA.
    Good Deed: Aura ether attack against all targets. Ignores EVA.
    Ressentment: Piercing damage against one target.
    Vengeance: Slash damage against one target.
    Purification: Switch to Pure Mode.

    Pure Mode

    Holy Water: Use Refresh L or H Ether on a random ES when Down class ethers are cast on Mikumari. It's the primary action if one of your ESs is affected by negative status effects.
    Healing Waters: Use Medica 2 Ether on a random ES when Down class ethers are cast on Mikumari.
    Rebirth: Ether type healing which heal 9600 of all ESs HP when Down class ethers are cast on Mikumari.
    Creeping: Switch to Creeping Mode.
    It appears you've angered Mikumari: Switch to Creeping mode on the next turn. Happens when you damage Mikumari often
    without casting down class ethers on them or if you cast Break class ethers or Junk Beam.

    Both Modes

    Talking random things: Sometimes Mikumari loses a turn by talking random things.
    [We loathe you blue things...]: ES Asher became Mikumari's primary target.
    [We loathe you white things...]: ES Dinah became Mikumari's primary target.
    [We loathe you pink things...]: ES Zebulum became Mikumari's primary target.
    It seems like Mikumari's parameters improved: Increase ATK, EATK, DEX and AGL by (???) when current HP fall bellow 120000HP.
    It seems like Mikumari's parameters have changed to a special attack mode:  Increase ATK, EATK, DEX and AGL by (???) when current HP fall bellow 60000HP.
    It seems like Mikumari's parameters have reached their final levels: Increase ATK, EATK, DEX and AGL by (???) when current HP fall bellow 30000HP.

    Character Setups

    The following characters must have learned the following skills:

    Ether Skills: Medica 2, Refresh L, Refresh H, Down Dex, Quick, Boost 1, Defender, Analyze, Psycho Pocket.
    Mastered Skills: Focus 1, Focus 2, Expansion Pack, Inner Peace, Guard, Lost AGL
    Equipped Skills: EP Half, ST Resist 30, Combo Boost, Rebound (can equip ST Resist 20 or EP Regen instead)

    Mastered Skills: Expansion Pack, Inner Peace, Guard, Lost AGL
    Equipped Skills: ST Resist 20, ST Resist 30, Combo Boost, Rebound

    Mastered Skills: Expansion Pack, Inner Peace, Guard, Lost AGL
    Equipped Skills: ST Resist 20, ST Resist 30, Combo Boost, Rebound

    E.S. Setups

    The following Characters must have the following skills and co-pilots:

    E.S. Zebulum
    Co-pilot: Shion
    Equipped Skills: GTS Double, Tuned Circuit, Anti-Ice Armor.

    E.S. Asher
    Co-pilot: Jin
    Equipped Skills: GTS Double, Tuned Circuit, EMAX300 (can use Anti-Ice Armor instead)

    E.S. Dinah
    Co-pilot: Chaos
    Equipped Skills: Anti-Fire Armor, Anti-Ice Armor, Anti-Thunder Armor.

    Action Pattern

    1: Mikumari Start the battle in Creeping Mode and its first action is always Creeping in the Dark.
    2: After the first turn Mikumari will use up to two attacks, then switch to Pure Mode.
    3: It will stay in Pure Mode for 4 turns. Meanwhile it'll only talk or heal your ESs if you use down class ethers
    on it.
    4: After switching back to Creeping Mode, Mikumari will attack your ESs for 4~6 turns and then switch to Pure Mode again.
    5: Mikumari will stay in Creeping mode for 5~6 turn then switch to Pure Mode if it didn't reach the final parameter boost.
    6: When Mikumari current HP drop bellow 30000 it'll reach the final parameter boost and no longer enter in Pure Mode. You must end the battle A.S.A.P. because there is a minimal changes of your ESs surviving the onslaught that will come next.

    Video Notes

    You must enter in the battle with 3 full boost gauges.

    Mikumari always start with Creeping in the Dark. You may want to restart if it deal critical damage on both ESs.

    Zebulum: Cast Quick on both E.S.s A.S.A.P.

    Asher: use Stock to gain energy and decrease damage taken. Inner Peace kick in every time you stock, increasing the chances of your E.S.(s) to evade or guard foes attacks. Guard mastered skill will reduce damage by 20% every time your E.S.(s) guard an attack.

    Zebulum: Combo Boost Zebulum and use Pocket Rare if you want to steal Auto-Recover. MOMO must have Analyze and Psycho Pocket ethers and then press Triangle button while the cursor in over one of these two ethers.

    Next, I used stock with both ESs to avoid any fatality.

    Moved Asher behind Mikumari because I knew that it would switch to Pure Mode on the next turn. Keep in mind that when you move to a spot on the opposite side, they will be facing alway to your foes, being unable to evade or guard your foes attacks. Against Mikumari it means KO.

    Again, I only used Boost 1 with Zebulum because I knew that Mikumari would change to Pure Mode. It's not wise the not Stock with such a low HP. Anyway, you must try to keep you Boost gauge full. Always.

    As soon as it switch to Pure Mode, start casting Dex Down ether on Mikumari, so it'll cure your E.S.s. Dex Down it's the best option, because if Mikumari is struck with Blind its attacks in Creeping Mode will be evaded or guarded often. Guarded attacks cannot hit critical and thats a wonderful thing.

    Mikumari also spend any full boost cause it have to counterboost your Down class ethers and cure you. It's a good thing to do that, so it won't have any boost to spend on Creeping Mode.

    With Asher's energy gauge at 200, boost Asher to get the CRT event slot and use Wings of Light to take about 1/10 of Mikumari's HP. Try to always use CRT to attack Mikumari.

    Always cast Down class ethers after Mikumari heals your E.S.s, specially if you've attacked it before. If you attack it often without using Down class ethers it'll switch back to Creeping Mode.

    Switched Zebulum for Dinah and charged 200 Energy on Dinah ASAP. Must be done at this very point of the battle and its the key for the victory against Mikumari.

    Once Dinah get it's energy to 200, don't use it. Switch back to Zebulum.

    Now, you must be very careful and strategic. Try to always avoid letting Mikumari acting on CRT, BST and Random event slots. Do that by boosting with Zebulum and casting Boost 1 ether to refill the boost used.

    Renew Quick on both ESs when needed, but always having one boost gauge is priority.

    Even if some Mikumari's attacks cannot be evaded, they can be guarded. That's when Inner Peace kicks in.

    Since I had 3 full boost gauges, my ESs had reasonable HP, Mikumari was facing alway from Zebulum and it was ETR slot I used Starlight Arrow (Ether Based attack). But I gambled with luck here, If I hadn't used stock with Asher previously, Mikumari's counterboost Ressentment probably would've finished Asher.

    I should've used Medica 2 on Asher. The following Purge of Filth could've taken Asher out of action, fortunately Inner Peace kick in again.

    I did wrong. I should've boost with Zebulum, then make Asher act on CRT event slot.

    Mikumari gets its second parameter boost, time to be even more careful and discard all luck gambling. Also Quick is now a must to keep up with Mikumari.

    Never keep both ESs on the same side while Mikumari are on Creeping Mode. Always attack it just after moving your ES to make sure your ES isn't facing alway when Mikumari attack.

    Time to keep all ES's HP above 20000. Mikumari can deal even more than that if it act in the CRT slot.

    I should've wait to have 3 full boost gauges to do this attack. Mikumari could'he entered on its last parameter boost just after that if it had counterboosted my attack.

    Here, I've tried to get the ETR slot to attack Mikumari from behind with Starlight Arrow again, so I could finish it off with Dinah.

    When Mikumari reach its final parameter boost, it'll switch to Creeping Mode automatically.

    Switched Zebulum for Dinah and finished Mikumari off with Chained Blast. If Mikumari had a change to act twice, it would mean game over for sure.

    And that's probably the hardesd boss fight I ever had!!! Good Luck for you!


    Split Infinity and Horus: For some of Mikumari's action patterns and action data.

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    Re: Xenosaga Episode II: Superboss Mikumari

    Post by Neosmith on Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:39 am

    Thanks a lot, man! These are really good details. And they bring to mind something I enjoyed about E2's battle system - the bosses were very versatile and hard. I mean, I like old school bosses a lot and E2 had those in spades. The sheer number of actions Mikumari can take is about 5 times the number of a standard E3 boss. Seriously, the E3 bosses had a basic 3-4 moves and a special.

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    Re: Xenosaga Episode II: Superboss Mikumari

    Post by RED ODA on Wed Dec 18, 2013 9:36 pm

    You're welcome.

    Indeed! Mikumari is very hard and it forces the player to use everything on mechanics win this battle. People used to penny challenges such as Penance or any other FF boss may fall back at the first sight.

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    Re: Xenosaga Episode II: Superboss Mikumari

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