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    Dragon Quest IX

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    Dragon Quest IX

    Post by admin on Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:49 pm

    Thread started by Adrak on Temp Sibb!

    Adrak wrote:I just ordered this one off of Amazon as a little treat. Does anyone else here have it? From what I hear, the game has online gameplay, so I'd enjoy playing with you guys if I can.

    katimus wrote:OMG, DQ9 is great and quite addictive!  I've only had a DS Lite for the longest time with not very great wifi capabilities, so I've never done any of the online stuff with it, tho.

    Adrak wrote:I loved Dragon Quest VIII, and from what I see, Dragon Quest IX has a really cool class system and exploration. What classes were your favorite?

    katimus wrote:I tended toward the healer and monk classes, mostly because the monk has a holdover for the psych-up system that not any of the other classes besides the default hero class had.  I'm also a sucker for being able to use spears.

    Adrak wrote:From what I see, I think I'd like to play as a Paladin. Are they any good?

    katimus wrote:Paladins are totally awesome.  I think I even prefer them to the classic Warrior class.

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